About IT Group, Inc.

Since 2003, IT Group, Inc. (ITG) has been an enabler and partner of businesses in service innovation.  ITG is focused on solving the challenges faced by growing businesses through the synthesis of information, insight, talent and technology.

ITG provides solutions that meet the unique needs of rapidly growing organizations.  ITG helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations, helping companies achieve agility in adapting to market pressure, win closer relationships with your customers, and achieve sustained growth for your employees and shareholders.

ITG understands that your growing organizations have unique needs:

  1. •  Solutions that can grow as fast as you can. Your current systems and procedures are just not keeping up.
  2. •  You are looking for solutions that can enhance your organization’s operational efficiency and effectiveness, to better compete in a more demanding, fast-paced and global environment.
  3.   You may have been asked to comply with new industry standards/regulatory requirements. You need to better manage their risk and exposure.
  4. •  You are looking to get an advantage over your competitors. You may be seeking to out-innovate or out perform larger, more established businesses in your industry.
  5. •  You do not have the time, resources, or patience to tolerate long implementation times, complex process reengineering and change management efforts, or the roll-out of expensive infrastructure. You want solutions that provide immediate value and have low barriers to adoption.
  6. •  You need solutions that are easy to roll out and use, and are easy to maintain

To find out more about how ITG can help your business, send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.