IUNGO (Latin word for I Connect) is a multi-dimensional energy controller and automation system for monitoring with the purpose to reduce the consumption of energy. The product is programmed to communicate with an unlimited number of wirelessly remote controlled electronic devices connected to agnostic wall plugs that uses Z-wave and Zigbee.

IUNGO system is created so that the user can customize the monitoring profile for cost efficiency by:

- Recording and providing a visualization of the power consumed and generated (wirelessly).
- Providing the capability to program and control power usage remotely.
- Automating the activity of each electronic device according to the user's profile or preference.


A Philippine-based technology and service enabler in building and supporting smart cities. The company provides infrastructure and platform for M2M (machine-to-machine) solutions which will establish intelligent communication between networks that provide online data gathering, remote control and process automation. 


LiteSpeed specializes in creating smart cities through the following services:

  1. Connectivity / Managed connectivity - connecting city infrastructure and individuals to central servers and databases;
  2. Data aggregration / Analysis - combining data from multiple sources to produce new insights;
  3. Service delivery - delivering real-time information to people and machines that will enable them to adapt and respond to events in the city;
  4. Customer interface - providing solutions for customer support operations, such as call centers and web portals, as well as delivering messages to subscribers.

The scope of involvement in the delivery is defined in this process;

  1. Instrumentation: Building the infrastructure and platform.
  2. Interconnection: Commission communication between machines to automate and generate relevant information for decision making purposes.
  3. Intelligence: Generate and publish processed data for decision making consumption.