Pentaho is an open source business intelligence the new unified BI development environment collapses the traditional cumbersome and step intensive BI development process.

  • Pentaho is an open source business intelligence the new unified BI development environment collapses the traditional cumbersome and step intensive BI development process.
    Pentaho Data Integration enables teams of technical and business users to work interactively together in a single environment to seamlessly design, automatically model and then instantly visualize the results of that design in a single environment.
    This approach enables the deployment of iterative and fully vetted data integration and business intelligence applications in a fraction of a time of other solutions.

  • Pentaho‚Äôs open source heritage drives our continued innovation in a modern, integrated, embeddable analytics platform that meets diverse and big data requirements. By coupling data integration with business analytics Pentaho brings together IT and business users to easily access, integrate, visualize and explore all data that impacts results. Pentaho Business Analytics provides a complete solution, is fast to deploy, easy to use, and extremely cost-effective. The suite includes data access, integration, visualization, exploration and predictive analytics.

    Pentaho Business Analytics

    Pentaho Business Analytics

    Pentaho Business Analytics provides an interactive and easy to use web-based interface. Business users can access data, create interactive with reports and dashboards, and analyze and visualize data across multiple dimensions, without depending on IT or developers. For IT, Pentaho is built on a contemporary lightweight, high-performance platform and can be flexibly deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or seamlessly embedded into other software applications. It works with large volumes of diverse data sources, including big data sources such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases.

    Pentaho Business Analytics includes:

    • Operational and interactive reporting
    • Data discovery and interactive analysis
    • Interactive dashboards
    • Interactive visualization
    • Data access and integration
    • Predictive analytics

    The Pentaho analytics platform provides critical services, including scheduling, security and content navigation, in one central place to streamline all administrative tasks:

    • Shared content repository provides collaborative development and usage
    • Java APIs, web services and CSS-driven web user-interfaces allow seamless integration and embedding
    • User and role-based authentication and authorization with single sign-on and easy integration with external security systems including LDAP, Active Directory and others

    Pentaho Data Integration

    Organizations are faced with a landslide of data as large volumes and diverse date types continue to grow and create a challenge for business analytics. Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) enables organizations to extract data from complex and heterogeneous sources and diverse data types to provide high quality, ready to analyze data for critical business applications. With a rich graphical user interface and a parallel processing engine, Pentaho Data Integration offers high performance ETL (extract, transform and load) that supports all data integration needs, including big data.

    Pentaho Data Integration use cases include:

    • Business Iintelligence and data warehousing
    • Data migration
    • Application consolidation
    • Data synchronization

    Pentaho Data Integration provides:

    • Rich graphical visual design environmenter
    • Broad connectivity to any type or source of data
    • Enterprise scalability and performance
    • Big Data integration and job orchestration for Hadoop, NoSQL databases and Analytic Databases
    • Open and standards-based architecture
    • Integrated reporting, data visualization and analysis, and predictive analytics