Optimizing Database Management for a Digital-Ready Enterprise

Acquiring a business management platform to support your business’ database usage for core processes and transactions.

Postgres, over the years, is a tested and proven database with the enterprise capabilities necessary to manage multi-model data, connect with existing systems and deploy rapidly across multiple environments. EnterpriseDB provides everything you need to succeed as a digital business. Whether you are a small, medium or an enterprise, EDB is the most complete open source based data platform for Digital Business.

The EDB Postgres™ Platform creates a cohesive data management fabric that accommodates a wider range of workloads and tasks by integrating with legacy systems and emerging innovative solutions.

The platform enables integration across different databases but it also supports combining unstructured data from NoSQL solutions with corporate, transactional data in structured, relational systems.

Migration Made Easier with PostgreSQL

Migrating from legacy databases

EDB products and services make it easier to migrate from Oracle database to an enterprise-grade DBMS built on top of open source PostgreSQL

Moving to the cloud

Running applications across hybrid infrastructure creates complexities that can increase load, downtime and maintenance for your database. Moving to PostgreSQL, which runs across virtual, cloud, and container environments, minimizes complexity without sacrificing performance, so you can take control and keep things running smoothly

Building new applications

Agile release cycles put pressure on developers to solve problems quickly and adopt the newest workflows. PostgreSQL is easy to get up and running, and works with just about everything, from SQL to containers to JSON to keep deployment fast and easy..

Tailor-fit Solutions for your Critical Business Needs

The EDB Postgres Platform is an enterprise-class data management platform based on the open source database PostgreSQL, complemented by toolkits for management, integration, and migration; flexible deployment options, and services and support to enable enterprises to deploy Postgres responsibly at scale.

EDB Postgres Platform

EDB Postgres Advanced Server is the commercial derivative database based on PostgreSQL, with all the basic features of the open source counterpart, but fortified with additional security and performance for enterprise users and database compatibilities to assist in monitoring, tuning, disaster recovery, high availability, and replication needs.

EDB Postgres Ark DBaaS for Hybrid Cloud

Visibility, Control, Choice, Speed, and Agility. EDB Postgres Ark is the DBaaS infrastructure that makes it easy for app developers to build, deploy and maintain.

EDB Support for PaaS

EDB Postgres is integrated with two leading PaaS frameworks: Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry PaaS solution and the leading containerization framework allowing customers to choose from Docker Containers or a complete deployment through OpenShift V3.

Extending Satisfaction from Backend Business Processes to Valuable Customer Experience

EnterpriseDB (EDB) provides enterprises with the products, resources, and expertise required to confidently run large scale and highly available deployments of Postgres across on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud, and DBaaS environments.

Ready for anything

Powerful architecture for your most demanding, complex workloads. With over 225 pre-packaged utility functions that make it easier to build with Postgres, do more for your business.

Stable, tested, proven

Backed by trusted database experts and business owners. Its open source nature keeps communities across the world continually improving its capabilities and features to keep up with the advancements of the market. Postgres is everywhere.

Empower your transformation

Deployment options to match your business requirements. Its ability to integrate across other legacy databases and its ability to support multi-platform deployments keep it one of the best solutions for enterprises today.

Integration made easy in an agile environment

Agility to respond to your changing environment. Integrate with the most popular frameworks and DBMS with competitive performance and scalability.

Implementing Solutions through Leading practices and expertise specific for your Industry

EDB develops and integrates performance, security, and manageability enhancements with PostgreSQL to support enterprise-class workloads for its database, EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

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Digitizing Core Business Processes for Valuable Customer Experience

We have worked with businesses from all across the nation to ensure turn-around and growth from the back-end operations to the customer-facing end to ensure a valuable experience in every touchpoint.

Creating Transformative Solutions Together

With over 17 years of experience in providing IT solutions across 4 different ASEAN regions, ITG is your technology partner in your Digital Transformation journey. Our team of technology experts ensures tailor-fit solutions that can you stride in the fast-paced world of doing business.

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