Plan Ahead to Get Ahead


Manila, Philippines – October 2017

Manila, Philippines – IT Group, Inc. (ITG), in partnership with Oracle+NetSuite, recently concluded a workshop entitled “Plan Ahead to Get Ahead: A Strategic Planning Workshop.” Held at the Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas in Pasig City last October 19, 2017, the event was attended by middle and top managers from various industries. The workshop covered the (1) the relevance of mission, vision, and core values in strategic planning, (2) the strategic planning framework, and (3) the role of technology in strategic planning.

Mr. Jan Pabellon, Director for Product Management at Oracle + NetSuite, gave the opening remarks. He shared that we currently live in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) where nothing is certain with all the rapid changes in trends and technology. With this, he encouraged the audience to have an open mind on how strategic planning and technology can guide them through this worldwide phenomenon.

The first session by Mr. Derrick Tan, CEO of Magna Prime Chemical Technologies, Inc. and Magna Gold Pharma, Inc., focused on how business leaders must first determine their personal and organization’s purpose, before determining their mission, vision and core values. Mr. Tan proceeded with sharing personal experiences of how he was able to apply these principles to his own business over the last 20+ years; building an organization which now employs at least 300 employees and now has the nationwide presence.

The workshop proper was conducted by Mr. Igo Soncuya, founder and lead facilitator for Torch Management Consultancy Services. Mr. Soncuya emphasized the need for strategic planning, especially with the ever-changing business environment organizations face today. He shared various tools such as the Situation-Target-Path Model, and how to maximize the use of the SWOT Analysis. In addition, Mr. Soncuya stressed the importance for organizations today to upgrade their planning capabilities by making fact-based decisions with relevant external and internal information.

Finally, Ms. Rubie Villamor, Product Manager for ERP & CRM at ITG, discussed the role of technology in strategic planning. She specifically stressed the need for organizations to maximize the use of available technologies, such as an Enterprise Resource Planning software, in creating, executing, monitoring, and measuring strategic plans.

Overall, ITG envisioned the session to not just be a learning platform, but to also be a venue for exchanging valuable insights between ITG, customers, principals, and partners.