COVID-19 forces organizations to re-allocate and cut budget - take control and manage your expenses the ComBTAS way!

Automated workflow.
Safe and Secured.

Learn how to control your budget, efficiently manage your expenses and timely process your employee  reimbursement and cash advance

  • Join our webinar on April 14, 2020 at 3:00 PM
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This webinar will let you in on the benefits of having an all-in-one corporate expense management platform:

  • Automate method of filling business travel requests, liquidations, cash advance request, reimbursements and replenishments 
  • Optimize workflow by automating business core processes on travel and non-travel corporate activities 
  • Instills the disciplined & timely submission of expense Reports, with cost-efficient measures
  • On-time release of reimbursement and cash advance amidst global pandemic is showing care and protection to your employees.
  • Save as much as 23% from your Corporate Travel and Expense Budget 
  • Generate analysis reports for budget planning and corporate policy enhancements
This webinar is not only for Procurement Officers & HR / Finance / IT personnel. This is also for everyone (and the millennials!) who wants to learn and gain more knowledge out of this learning session and system walk-through. REGISTER NOW FOR FREE! Send us your full name and details thru 

ComBTAS enforces your corporate policies, so it becomes a cost-effective tool for employees to efficiently plan their spending; instills the disciplined & timely submission of expense Reports, with cost-efficient measures; secure your business from human fraud and discrepancies


Time Agenda
02:55 PM- 03:00 PM Countdown
03:00 PM- 03:05 PM ComBTas Videos- Waiting Lobby
03:05 PM- 03:10 PM Introduction
03:10 PM- 03:15 PM ComBTas and ITG Partnership
03:15 PM- 03:25 PM Virtual Campaign Discussion
03:25 PM- 03:50 PM Live Demo
03:50 PM- 04:00 PM Question & Answer

Seminar Speakers


Ido Kulaker
Vice President, Global Sales ComBTAS Ltd.