Power up your organization with an optimized and flexible database management platform to help you succeed in your business goals.

Enterprises rely on data to make business decisions to better manage their operations. Accommodate a wider range of workloads and boost operational productivity with a database platform that is cost effective, scalable, adaptable and allows seamless integration that can accommodate a wider range of workloads.

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Let us help you navigate your way to your database management roadmap cycle of planning, architecting, and implementing to supercharge your operations.

Join our experts in a discussion and learn how PostgreSQL EnterpriseDB can:

  • Enhance database administrators productivity through prioritizing workloads such as analytics over batch processing without the risk of downtime
  • Easily migrate and integrate database to Oracle environment using migration tools
  • Augment day to day operations through database monitoring and backup and recovery tools

Achieve high performance and a high available database environment with EDB Postgre Enterprise-scale solutions.


Time (GMT +7) Agenda
02:00- 02:05 PM Welcoming Remarks
02:05- 02:15 PM What Value EDB Brings to the Table (Value Proposition)
02:15- 02:50 PM Session 1: Power PLANNING - Architecting Best Practices
  • How to adapt EDB Postgres (Features/ Tools/ Capabilities)
  • Live Demo: Oracle Migration assessment, assistance, and new project
  • High Availability, load balance and replication"
  • Architecture best practices
  • EDB on cloud & EDB on containers
  • Customer success stories
02:50- 02:55 PM Q& A + Break + Ice breaker
02:55- 03:30 PM Session 2: Power IMPLEMENTATION - Successful DBA
  • How to Implement EDB Postgres
  • Integrations available: (Java, Net, ODBC, OCI)
  • EDB High Availability Features (Demo)
  • EDB on Docker
03:30- 03:35 PM Q& A + Break + Ice breaker
03:35- 04:10 PM Session 3: Power MANAGE - Peaceful Operating EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL
  • Learning curve
  • What to monitor (PEM, BART, PITR)
  • EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager (Demo)
  • Backup and recovery
  • Version upgrade
  • Database Maintenance(Tuning & Performance)
04:10- 04:15 PM Customer success stories
04:15- 04:20 PM Recap + Final Announcement

Seminar Speakers

Fivda Harry
Head of Enterprise Solutions, PT. IT Group Indonesia

Fivda Harry is the Head of Enterprise Solution at PT. IT Group Indonesia. He is responsible at providing solutions for government and enterprises. He has 20 years of experience in IT consulting, focusins on Enterprise Scale Business Solutions in the last 7 years, from End-to-end Solutions, Base Platforms and System Integrations

Jippie P. Sulaiman
Platform Consultant, PT. IT Group Indonesia

Jippie and his team manages various projects from different industries in Indonesia. He has great experience inconsulting, technical sales, and delivery. His proficiency in EDB has been demonstrated across several service roles and support, from development environment to performance tuning in production.