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ITG is a training partner of EnterpriseDB in the Philippines and Indonesia

Designed for DBAs, IT Professionals, and Application Developers – EnterpriseDB training courses are created and delivered by experienced PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server experts who will coach you how to promptly manage your database responsibilities. EnterpriseDB certification program sets the global standard for Postgres professionals, and is definitive proof of your Postgres skills. Employers trust EDB certifications as industry-acknowledgement of Postgres proficiency and the ability to perform effectively.

Course TitleCourse DescriptionDurationPre-requisites
Comprehensive PostgreSQL Administration TrainingThis course is designed for people with experience in database administration but who are new to PostgreSQL. Taking up this training will help the learner prepare for day-to-day Administrative and Management tasks to be performed as a PostgreSQL DBA and slowly scale up to manage large and highly available databases.5Basic experience in database administration and understanding of Relational Database concepts will be helpful.
Foundations of Postgres AdministrationThis course includes essential details of PostgreSQL Administration enabling the learner to perform duties as a PostgreSQL DBA, and is a foundation for the Advanced and Performance courses that follows in the DBA track. It covers topics tested in the PostgreSQL Associate certification exam.3Basic experience in database administration and understanding of Relational Database concepts will be helpful.
Advanced PostgreSQL AdministrationThis course prepares DBAs to manage large, highly available databases and their related security requirements with confidence. Requires participants to be proficient in regular Postgres DBA functions.2Participants need to be proficient in regular Postgres DBA functions. It is recommended to attend the Foundations of Postgres Administration training prior to this class. It is beneficial to complete the PostgreSQL Associate Certification prior to attending this training.
PostgreSQL for Developers and ArchitectsIn this course, you will learn the Postgres Architecture, how to design and develop applications with Postgres, intricacies of JDBC and object relation mappers (ORMs) with Postgres, how to troubleshoot and tune Postgres queries and how to write backend server code in Java and PL/pgSQL.3Familiarity with programming languages and concepts of SQL.

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